We use data to do business better.

We're on a mission to improve the digital capability of New Zealand SMEs.

We’re focusing on what SME's require in these fast-changing times to build a base for a better future, improving their business using data, changes to thinking, practices and processes. No matter what business you are in, you can benefit from partnering with us to get a handle on your digital business strategy.


Benjamin Wood - Director

I spent 20 years working running projects across traditional NZ media  TV, radio, advertising, and print for organisations, businesses and charities, pushing change and adaption for a digital future. 

That future world is now well and truly here, and while education is catching up with the requirements of this new world, SME businesses are struggling to learn new skills and ways of thinking to connect the bigger digital picture with practical, actionable steps.

While the next generation will be better equipped as schools and training adapt, where does this leave current business owners NOW?

How will the new digital natives find employment in the future if we don't start improving the understanding of the businesses that are supposed to hire them?


New job descriptions and ways of working are not something that those businesses can simply jump into without guidance.

Meanwhile, other digital providers are either focused on the needs of larger, corporate companies that have the surplus resources to invest in ongoing research, development and change, or on churning out low-cost, low-value offerings to the unaware that don't contribute to better day-today business or long-term thinking.

I started Pitch and Gold to address the huge gap between the broad strategic vision that government and regional development agencies have for the digital future of NZ - and the realistic needs and resources of everyday NZ SME's right now.

The digital future is being championed by the tech sector - but just that phone in your hand is all the hardware you need to start implementing change. Its not the tech. Its about how you use it.


A Digital future is not about hardware or technology for most SME's on the same level it is for big players. Strategy, process and the human interface is where every one of them can achieve immediate progress and results. 

Trades. Services. NZ made products. If you are good at what you do, we can start you on a digital future that helps you concentrate on what you do best, at a pace you can handle - in terms you can understand.

As digital specialists, we work in new ways. We don't run brick and mortar locations, we operate a digital syndicate of remote workers. This means you aren't paying overheads for fancy offices and pretty secretaries. We don't have a barista or a bar in-house. You don't have to fight traffic and parking to get to us.

We stick to our core function -  business solutions in a digital environment. Most of our clients I have met once or twice - yet all of them are in weekly contact. Our project management systems give me oversight across all our projects and people. If something doesn't contribute directly to outcomes, we don't waste time on it. So our pricing structure and process is designed to meet the needs of SME's like you. We don't sell snake oil or magic bullets.


I deal with every client directly as a partner - no account managers, no sales-people, no juniors - no BS. I am directly invested in finding and improving the potential of the clients we choose to work with because most of them have come to us after being burned or discouraged by traditional providers.


We have learned from our own mistakes and those of others over years to change the way we deal with clients and build a service offering that cuts out the fluff and goes straight to the results. No mucking around - lets get straight to the point.

You grow, we grow.

Every week I set aside time to talk to business owners like you because taking that first step is the most important of all. We don't have a front door - but the online door is always open.

A digital future doesn't have to be expensive, stressful or confusing. Book in a time for a free chat, and lets see what potential you've got.

We have been based in beautiful Northland for the past four years but have clients across the country.

We grow digital futures for Kiwi businesses, from the roots up.

From websites, social media, advertising, brand and marketing, to project management, content, communications and more. We focus on enabling and empowering businesses to understand and use digital.

Pitch and Gold - Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

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