Weblicity and the future of New Zealand Businesses

Pitch and Gold provides weblicity services to New Zealand, but predominantly Northland, SME’s. (Business with under 20 people).

Weblicity refers to the field of work/role managing cohesive networks of integrated online and offline information processes in a Company, Business or Organisation (CBO). The ‘web’ in weblicity refers to the overall network of connections present in the current post-internet era and not specifically to just ‘websites’.

In the post WW2 era, publicity evolved at the level of experimenting and modifying one-way communications through TV, Radio and Print. Large corporations controlled large portions of mass media controlled by companies that controlled facilities and tools such as printing equipment. Access to facilities and tools was what commanded a premium.

Access is no longer a premium ticket, but an entry level. Everyone has access to mass distribution.


In a digital world of access and tools, processes are still a premium ticket. Despite the most widespread and accessible information in the known history of man, with literally instructions to do anything you want, the process of using the available tools still comes down to time, energy and money.

You can literally create what you want, where you want it, when you want it, by who.


Knowing how, the process, that is still the valuable part.

Just as publicity was created in a fixed world of mass production to influence processes of one-way communication, so weblicity is now emerging in a flexible world of mass connection and two-way communication.

Studying and understanding connections and cross-connections and how they affect a CBO is an emerging area of business because it literally is emerging, every day as populations in every country of the world are born into more and more generations of digitally integrated networks.

Therefore, the field of weblicity is new, emerging, and presents obvious potential for CBOs to experiment and learn from.

Areas encompassed are:

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • Digital Advertising

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Audience Development

  • Communications

  • Documenting

  • Content Management

  • Content Development

  • Product Descriptions

Weblicity is a focus on the building, maintenance and management of digital connections (webs) between the above inputs and the following business functions:

  • Lead generation

  • Audience Behaviour

  • Product/service development

  • Customer Service

  • Advertising

  • PR

  • Sales Process and Data

  • Processes and Systems

The Web is not just websites. It is all digital communication of information whether through phone, email, website, app, or anything that connects the different parts of a CBO to the world, inside and outside its office.