World War Web: The Battle for Your Attention

Every Google search is a battle for attention, every battle a test of tactics that either results in you winning or losing. The winner gets to exist as an option, while the loser is non-existent.

This is World War Web, dominated by major powers of industry vying for supremacy.

Like any war, the big players have more resources, more people, more technology, more training, more experts - more power.

But what they don't have is speed, agility and flexibility. The wheels turn slowly, innovation is squashed, efficiency is lost and egos dominate logic. When you are small, you can move quicker, implement changes easier and modify your plans as situations develop.

This is the basis of asymmetric strategy. Play to your strengths. Exploit opportunities. Keep moving and don't get bogged down. Be efficient. Put your resources into the battles you can win. Give up territory that is too costly to hold. Out-think, out-maneuver and out-play the competition in many small ways and never stand still enough for them to take a big swing at you.

We started this organisation because most businesses can do so much more with the resources they have, yet they compare themselves to others and don't understand the potential they have.

We know that with focus, motivation and intelligence, a little player can carve out their own space and become a serious contender.