The Duo

A tailored approach.

We're a husband/wife team working from Russell in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Northland, where even a worldwide pandemic has not affected our ability to operate in any way.  

We work as a duo.  Between us, we can tailor our approach to suit your personality, communication and work style.

There are no account managers, no overseas call centres, no offshore contractors.

We work 1-on-1 with the person in your business who is responsible for marketing and sales.

Us in a nutshell:

Male / Female

Pakeha / Maori


1980's kid / 1990's kid

Strategy / Technical

Vision / Application

Engagement / Retention

Extrovert / Introvert

Verbal + Written /Art + Design

What we do

We improve lead generation for your business online.

How we do it

We benchmark your business online, analyse the data and let you know where you are at now.

Then we create assets to use in an overall strategy.

We then execute the strategy using the assets available, study the results and use that data to implement changes and improvements.

We build, we track, we study, we tune.


We take a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.

Ben Wood
Marketing & Communications Consultant

Ben has spent 20 years working running projects across traditional NZ media  TV, radio, advertising, and print for organisations, businesses and charities, pushing change and adaptation for a digital future.


That future world is now well and truly here, and while education is catching up with the requirements of this new world, SME businesses are struggling to learn new skills and ways of thinking to connect the bigger digital picture with practical, actionable steps.


A Digital future is not about hardware or technology for most SME's on the same level it is for big players. Strategy, process and the human interface is where every one of them can achieve immediate progress and results. 


Trades. Services. NZ made products. If you are good at what you do, we can start you on a digital future that helps you concentrate on what you do best, at a pace you can handle - in terms you can understand.

Rangimarie Kelly
Digital Marketing Specialist

With over 10 years experience in digital marketing working alongside charities, organisations, SME’s, national and international brands and retailers as well as other agencies and consultants, Rangimarie provides technical and practical expertise, in data analytics, digital marketing and online advertising.

With this long term understanding of Northland businesses and the people that run them, she is well placed to speak to the latent potential in Northland that is not being grasped and highly motivated to translate such potential into future success.


Rangimarie also provides services focused solely on Māori small business and organisations via Pikau Digital.